Since the beginning of the year and this new chapter for us and for this property, we have been making improvements and carrying out a lot of maintenance and upgrades. 

The bathrooms in the chateau, which my dad fitted about 26 years ago with only a shoestring budget, had done well. They had been repaired and repainted and improved over the years but they had really reached the end of the line and it was time to completely redo them. So we completely renovated and refitted 3 of the bathrooms in the chateau. The 4th bathroom got a coat of paint and a few improvements. We replaced 7 windows, one back door and one set of French doors with made to measure double glazed windows. The Kitchen was repainted as was the back hallway and the back kitchen. 

Then suddenly Covid-19 was here and we were in lockdown. Of course the problems this caused to the business were quite substantial and it took a little while to sink in. Our thoughts are with all the medical people around the world who still today are waging a fierce battle against the virus.

We just remained positive. We grasped this opportunity to carry out maintenance and improvements which we would not normally have been able to get done. As one could not purchase any supplies it was also a great opportunity to really rummage through the various buildings and the workshop and I was amazed how much we were able to get done without buying anything. The new fences were purchased just before the outbreak. I didn’t have those lying about but everything else I found / recycled / reused. .  

I have put together some before and after photos of some of the work we have done because I think if I carry on enumerating everything we have done you will probably click away. 🙂 Please excuse the mediocre photography.

All the best to everyone, stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands

Will and Johanna